WSN Insight / How to avoid the pitfalls of Email Collaboration

Do you want to improve the productivity and know-how of your workforce?

View this short presentation to learn how oganizations of all sizes or industries are benefiting from their most important resource, their - workforce knowledge! Our specialist breaks down the KM jargon into plain and simply terms to provide you with informaiton you can use to make decisions about:

  • What is knowledge management
  • Why is it improtant in today's workplac?e
  • Workforce knowledge retention
  • Workforce knowledge transfer
  • Corporate Collaboration
  • Corporate Crowd Sourcing
  • Why it's applicable to any organization?
  • How to improve your KM practice
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What You Need to Know

Every organization benefits from knowledge management (KM). Take three minutes to learn why a KM practice will benefit your business.

Implement a KM Practice

Take a few minutes to learn how to avoid the typical pitfalls of implementing your knowledge management practice.

Workforce Knowledge Retention

Struggling with knowledge retention and transfer with your workforce? Learn about effective workforce knowledge retention and transfer staratergies.

Measure the ROI from KM

How can you measure the ROI from your knowledge management practice? Learn how KM delivers real-world ROI for any organization.

Email is Communication Tool not a Collaboration Tool

Organizations struggle using email as a collaboration tool, at best it is a communicaitons tool. Learn how to imporve your organization's ability to collaborate!

Content Everywhere!

The ability to collaborate and manage normal business processes (tasks) is required for any organization to be competitive in the information age.

Why Corporate Wikis Are Poor Knowledge Management Solutions

Organizations deploy SharePoint®, blogs and wikis attempting to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing. Learn why this approach doesn't work well!

Findability and reusability leads to leveraging institutional knowledge

We have all heard or used the expresion, "We don't know, what we don't know". Learn how WSN Insight let's your workforce know what your organization knows!

Findability and reusability leads to leveraging institutional knowledge

Many people interchange the terms knowledge, data and information, but "What is Knowledge?". What is the diference between knowledge, data and informaiton?

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