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WSN Insight Product Data Sheet

WSN Insight Product Data Sheet

KM Solution Showdown: WSN Insight vs Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Organizations looking to develop a knowledge management practice (KMP) will sometimes think they can turn to SharePoint instead of trying a specialized solution like WSN Insight. This decision stems from overestimating SharePoint’s capabilities and finding the move to a specialized solution unbecoming. Nevertheless, there are countless cases where organizations have made the decision to use SharePoint to build a KMP and the end results prove it is not a good approach

Building a knowledge management solution (KMS) with SharePoint is very difficult. SharePoint was not designed to manage knowledge. SharePoint is also not an easy platform to use. It can take years to master and often requires assistance from developers and web designers. In addition, there are inevitable issues that organizations will face when they try expanding their KMS functionality, especially when migrating to a newer version of SharePoint. SharePoint will require considerable configuration, modification and application development expertise to create a KMS. You can apply your organizations time and financial resources to undertake this endeavor or you can purchase the WSN Insight "off-the-shelf" purpose built KMS and be up and running in a few hours.

Our KMS is a specialized solution designed to help you establish and maintain an organizational knowledge practice. WSN Insight is architected to deliver a user experience (UX) suitable for the non-technical and non-knowledge practitioner. It is build for everyday use for any type of organization to make it easy for their workforce to capture, create, share and reuse organizational knowledge. You can setup your sales, customer service, engineering, manufacturing, legal, financial, support business areas in just a few hours and start helping your workforce to thrive.

WSN Insight transforms SharePoint into a true KMS by integrating with its content repository, metadata services, lists and other core features of SharePoint and the SharePoint Online platforms. It can search for and store content in your libraries, access data in your lists, integrate with the managed metadata services, and more with its purpose built KM capabilities

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