Various studies have concluded that information workers are spending on average 8 to 10 hours per work week or about 25% of their time locating the content they need to perform their jobs. This costs an employer $15,000 per year for an employee earning an annual salary of $60,000. This is primarily due to poor content classification, governance and inadequate search solutions. You can eliminate this problem from your organization by implementing our WSN Clearview™ Application Foundation Server for ECM and our Federated Search Server (CVFSS) to create a powerful content management and search solution resulting in federated capabilities across all of your repositories. WSN Clearview ECM provides information workers with lightning fast simultaneous searches and intelligent presentation of the search results with our unique iFolder search "hit-list". The Federated Search Server is able to search for electronic documents and data from any system while following your security schema. This dramatically reduces the amount time your workforce will spend searching for information. It's a no-brainer decision for instant ROI - straight out of the box!

  • Scalable High-Performance Indexing
  • Ranked Search Results - Best Results First
  • Search Suggestions with Typo Tolerance
  • Multi-index Searches with Merged Results
Operating System Microsoft Server 2008, 2012 (32/64 bit)
System RAM 4 GB
System Processor Dual Core 1 GHz or Faster
Disk Storage N/A
Requirements WSN Clearview™ ECM Foundation Server

We are truly impressed by Clearview’s IRISS desktop gadget. We thought that the IRISS would have such a positive impact on how our users would interact with documents and content on the desktop that we selected the Clearview ECM solution over products offered by alternative vendors. The IRSS desktop gadget provides a fast and easy way for end users to access archived documents. This will enable greater use of the image (content) solution platform across our company, providing greater efficiency and improved transaction quality.

We are really pleased with the ease with which our users have been able to use Clearview. WSN was able to implement this solution in our Active Directory environment to process for both banks in our holding company in 30 days. They were able to back file archived reports so that we had immediate access to our current daily reports as well as historical information from day one. We are very happy with our decision to implement the Clearview Enterprise Content Management solution.