There is a very logical information flow involving your content and business relationships. Most of the content we use in our daily tasks are related to a person or organization. WSN Clearview™ for Microsoft® Dynamics CRM makes it easy to relate all of your content with contact, organization or entity in your Dynamics CRM database. Our intelligent folder (iFolder) feature logically links all your content from any repository to records in Dynamics CRM. Your content resides in the repositories where they are natively stored, so there is no duplication or concern about the governance of the content. Dynamics CRM users can also capture, tag and store content in your designated repositories This eliminates content sprawl, enforces governance and compliance over your content while enhancing workforce productivity.

  • Dynamically Links Content with CRM Entities
  • Eliminate Duplication of Content in CRM
  • Capture, Tag and Check-in Content from CRM
  • Improve Metadata Consistency and Accuracy when Tagging Content
  • Dramatically Improves Workforce Productivity
Operating System Microsoft Server 2008, 2012 (32/64 bit)
System RAM 4 GB or more
System Processor Dual Core 1 GHz or Faster
Disk Storage 1 GB or more
Requirements WSN Clearview™ ECM Application Foundation Server

We are truly impressed by Clearview’s IRISS desktop gadget. We thought that the IRISS would have such a positive impact on how our users would interact with documents and content on the desktop that we selected the Clearview ECM solution over products offered by alternative vendors. The IRSS desktop gadget provides a fast and easy way for end users to access archived documents. This will enable greater use of the image (content) solution platform across our company, providing greater efficiency and improved transaction quality.

We are really pleased with the ease with which our users have been able to use Clearview. WSN was able to implement this solution in our Active Directory environment to process for both banks in our holding company in 30 days. They were able to back file archived reports so that we had immediate access to our current daily reports as well as historical information from day one. We are very happy with our decision to implement the Clearview Enterprise Content Management solution.