WSN Clearview™ Desktop Applications for ECM

ost enterprises are suffering from information overload. They have too many files, on too many shared drives, and in too many repositories. Their users are also notoriously resistant to using new technologies such as content management systems.
WSN Clearview™ Desktop applications are designed and engineered to overcome content management challenges
Many organizations have also experimented with technologies such as SharePoint in the past, but with little success. The inability to properly manage and control the lifecycle of unstructured office documents generated within the organization affects almost each organization in every line of business. Attempts to use shared storage or network folders can provide centralized access and storage, yet introduce additional challenges and obstacles. There simply is not an easy way to yield the managerial nor security controls required to keep your organization's Office documents aligned with governance, compliance, or regulatory requirements. That is, until now. WSN Clearview™ Desktop application are designed and engineered to help you overcome these content management challenges. Our Desktop Client Applications provide an intuitive user friendly interface that instantly improve the information management productivity of any organization.

Your Information workers need continue to create and acquire more content each and every day! How will you solve this challenge? With the WSN Cleariew Desktop Clients you can:

  • easily implement governance over your valuable content (IP)
  • effortlessly store and classify your content
  • smoothly track and preserve edits to any document
  • efficiently collaborate and share your content
  • achieve fast user adoption, high satfifaction and acceptance

Let your information workers choose the desktop application that is best for their tasks.
The revolutionary IRISS desktop gadget floats on the desktop awaiting user activation. This is the client of choice for users that need access to content, but perform most of their work in a line of business application such as an ERP, CRM even a leagcy green screen application. Read more...
The versatile WSN Clearview Desktop Client is the application of choice for content pros. This Microsoft Windows desktop application is the application of choice for users needing to perform most of their tasks with content. They need to process it, find it, review it, and even annotate it. Read more...
The responsive WSN Clearview Thin Client is the easiest way to connect remote users to the corporate repository. Launch a browser, login and go! This web based client delivers ALL of the capabilities users need to be productive with content. Like all of the WSN Clearview ECM Clients, the Thin Client is easy to use, familiar look and feel liek the rest of the client appliacation so user can switch between any client application at any time. Read more...