On-Premise Application Server and Client Access License (CALs)

The on-premise licensing model provides a perpetual use license for the purchased version of our award winning WSN Insight® knowledge management software for Microsoft SharePoint. Software maintenance and support are mandatory for the first year and optionally purchased annually after the first year. This procurement option is idea for organizations that want to make a single capital expenditure and deploy WSN Insight® in their own IT infrastructure. It enables your organization to quickly and efficiently deploy purpose built technology to implement a successful knowledge practice.

This licensing model is for organizations that want to make a one time payment and receive a grant of license for the WSN Insight Application Server and the access for the purchased quantity of named end-user license. .

WSN Insight licenses, maintenance and support services can be purchased from our on-line store. WSN e-Delivery will provide you with access to download software, activate support offerings and schedule support calls.

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Monthly Subscription License

Unlike our traditional Server plus Client Access License (CALs) model which is normally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost (and an optional ongoing maintenance fee), our subscription licensing model allows you to pay a monthly fee, quarterly or annual fee. Licensing costs are based based on the number of named users using the application.

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Negotiate Your Own Price!

Our "Name-Your-Own-Price" (NYOP) is a process under which you make a suggestion for the server and client license price. Unlike the traditional way where we quote a certain price and the transaction occurs only if you accept this quoted price. What happens is that the we receive your offer and then either accept or reject the 'named price' that you offered. Why? As IT and the Internet are continuously being developed and the on-line marketplaces are becoming increasingly more popular, consumers have more choices in terms of product procurement.

This procurement model is very useful to the following sectors:

  • Government
  • Non-Profits
  • Universities
  • K-12 Schools
  • Law Enforcement

and open to organizations of all sizes and types. We offer this model because it makes sense to many organizations! It is very common to procure products and services using RFPs, and other types of "bake-offs", right? Now buyer's can NYOP to procure a great KM solution!

Can I choose either licensing model?

Yes, you can submit a bid for either a subscription or traditional server plus CALs licensing.

All we ask is that you please DO NOT SHARE what you paid for this award winning KM solution with other organizations.

Name-Your-Own-Price Tool

Knowledge Practice Proof of Concept Pilot (POCP)

Either you are skeptical about the benefits a knowledge practice will provide to your organization or perhaps you need to determine whether the software is appropriate for use by your organization and how easily it can be configured to provide hands-on experience for managers, information technology (IT) personnel, and users. Well we have good news, we are up to the challenge! As a matter of fact many of our clients have started this way and our track record indicates that the odds or on our side that it will benefit your organization.

Everyone agrees that people, process and technology are the core elements of a knowledge practice. Technology is not the panacea for a KM practice, however an easy-to-use knowledge-sharing infrastructure like WSN Insight®, is an important enabler to establish a knowledge practice. That said, the beginning of your journey through the knowledge management maturity levels doesn't have to be a monumental endeavor. There are many practical POCP deliverables that will allow you to experience KM in action.

Our standard KM POCP program provides a WSN Insight Application Server and Client Access License free of charge for the duration of the POCP. WSN provisions a Virtual IT Infrastructure hosted in a Microsoft Azure Cloud. You can procure the third party software license for Microsoft Windows Server, SharePoint Server and SQL Server as a subscription for the term of your POCP or provide your own license keys. WSN provides a fixed cost offering for IT services and knowledge management consulting services.

We have made it easy and streamlined to help you begin your KM journey with our KM POCP offering:

  • Register for a Proof of Concept Pilot
  • Execute Software End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Execute Legal Agreements
  • Define Your POCP Success Criteria
  • Choose IT Infrastructure and Consulting Services
  • Kick-Off KM POCP

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