WSN Insight / Knowledge Management Cousulting Network

Are you a KM Consultant and want to grow your client base?

We understand that technology is one only one component of a successful KM practice. This is why, we partner with independent consultants all over the world to help organizations build a practice that integrates people, process and technology.

Everyday, we are in contact with organizations that are implemnting a KM practice. Regardless of their KM maturity level, they understand that a successful practice requires three components, i.e.: People, Process and Technology. They love the WSN Insight® technology becasue it makes building a KM practice simple, practical and delivers a quick ROI. Nevertherless, they will need your expertise to define communities of practice/knowledge, content classification and categorization (taxonomies), workforce yellow pages (skills, experiences, etc.), evaultate new and existing business processes, to name a few of the non-technology components of a successful KM practice. We are here to support your efforts to help clients to succeed and to deliver the technology components of a knowledge practice.

  • Get referrals
  • Get commission on software sales
  • Get implementation support
  • Get marketing support
  • Get proof of concept trials
  • Get best in class IT professional services
  • Get application developemnt and integration services
  • Get online training
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