Considering to Build a Partnership With Us?

"Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much." ~ HELLEN KELLER

In today's business and technology world, the needs of an organization are complex, and it is difficult for a single provider to meet all the needs of its clients. Increasingly, strategic partnerships are becoming critical to developing long term client relationships.

Our partnership with VARs, Integrators, Content Providers, Software Manufacturers and Platform Providers range from referrals to strategic partnership. Our Referral Partner program is a simple way to generate revenue from products and services that you currently do not offer to your clients. Companies seeking a closer relationship should consider our partnering framework, outlined below, as a guide for establishing a strategic partnership.

  • Building trust
  • Defining the mission, goals and objectives
  • Define client products and services
  • Partner competency assessment
  • Conduct proper due diligence
  • Establish relationship boundaries
  • Determine first-step project
  • Maintain our independence
  • Maintain our relationship
  • Execute contractual documents
  • Define the exit strategies

Factors now at play in the economy make it both feasible and more critical than ever before for organizations to leverage the power of partnering.

  • More opportunities to earn revenue
  • Expand client services and business value
  • Strategic Alliances = Survival