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WSN Insight provides your organization with the essential tools to quickly establish a knowledge practice that leverages the wealth of "know how" from your staff and the content you already own.

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WSN Insight

5 User Practice Starter
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WSN Insight provides your organization with the essential tools to quickly establish a knowledge practice that leverages the wealth of "know how" of your staff and the content you already own.

This licensing model is for organizations that want to purchase a software license for the WSN Insight application server with named end-user licenses. The named user license agreement provides single named software users use of the software. The user name is specified when the software is installed. Named users can access the software on multiple systems, however only the named user can access the software on one system at any given time. Named user licenses are associated with a single Windows operating system log on name or ID.

  •  User friendly and intuitive knowledge management for SharePoint
  •  Out-of-the-Box Integration with SharePoint Sites, Libraries, Lists and more
  •  Empowers employees to contribute the knowledge your organization needs
  •  Tranforms workforce tacit knowledge into explict oragnization knowledge
OS Platform Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012
System RAM 8 GB
System Processor Dual Core 1 GHz or better
Supported Browser Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
Requirements Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014
Recommended Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

"We are truly impressed with WSN Insight. We thought that a knowledge practice would have a positive impact on how our employees collaborate and we selected WSN Insight because it is buitl with knowledge management methodologies unlike alternative solutions from other vendors. WSN Insight provided the out-of-the-box tools we needed for a fast and easy way for us to improve our knowledge retention and transfer." - Bill Jones - President · Branson Bank

"We are really pleased with the ease with which our users have been able to use WSN Insight. It was extremely easy for us to integrate and improve our existing business procesess. We see the immediate results in our ability to services our clients with the best knowledge from our staff. Our organizations content is more valuable with the ability to apply our perspectives, allowing us to create new knowledge." - Frank M. Lauto - Vice President of Operations/Technology · Founders Bank and Trust

If you are still "sitting on the fense" about your decision to start a knowledge practice in your organization, read the following from - Madanmohan Rao - Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques · Elseview 2005

"The 21st century business landscape is marked by increasing economic and political turbulence, a faster pace of innovation, an inter-networked organizational struc- ture, a focus on intellectual capital, and an increasing employee churn rate. Within this context, KM is being interpreted as a critical discipline for risk management, increasing productivity, knowledge retention, and more efficient innovation."

"According to IDC estimates, approximately 3.2% of corporate knowledge is incor- rect or becomes obsolete every year. An estimated 4.5% of knowledge is lost or hid- den due to employee turnover, information mismanagement, and knowledge hoarding. 4 Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques While some of these are cultural problems, others can be resolved by properly align- ing content management systems, information policies, and knowledge work."

Within hours your organization can begin to reap the benefits from the knowledge your workforce already posesses. This is your opportunity to leverage one of the best kept business secrets of the 21t century.

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