Customer Service

Our expert technical service and support professionals draw from their years of experience and a wide variety of Customer deployments to bring a host of best practices and lessons learned to your organization’s analysis, implementation, training, and support needs. From the very start, your deployment and overall experience will exceed your expectations. As a Wall Street Network (WSN) Customer, you will find that WSN delivers outstanding results and unsurpassed value for your Content Management investments.

When you select us as your vendor we provide you with the combined power of experience, technology, and innovation in highly agile solutions delivered with a company-wide commitment to total Customer satisfaction. That’s the WSN difference.

Technical Support

Our mission is to provide effective solutions to all of our Customers’ questions and technical issues regarding Clearview. We strive to ensure that each and every Customer receives exceptional service.

As our Customers’ front-line source for technical assistance, our Support Specialists work with your designated onsite System Administrator to satisfactorily resolve every open technical issue. Additionally, as the liaison between the Customer and Wall Street Network, our Support Specialists communicates information on the state of the product between these two groups.

Professional Services

The job of our Professional Services Group is to perform a successful implementation of WSN Insight™ at all Customer sites and to build an excellent working relationship with each and every Customer.

Professional Services analysts strive to ensure that the WSN Insight implementation exceeds Customer expectations, including conversions, system configuration, software installation, consultation, and training. The goal of Professional Services is to gain a thorough understanding of our Customers' requirements and processes in order to make their WSN Insight system work the way they do. Every step of the way—from consultation, to system installation, to training—our Professional Services team is guided by the Wall Street Network commitment to total Customer satisfaction.

Consulting Services

Our Consultation process begins with a kick-off meeting, which is essentially a knowledge transfer session. At this meeting we gain a thorough understanding of your business processes, review your system goals, answer your technical questions, and generate a timeline for each step of the WSN Insight implementation.

You will be assigned a Project Manager to ensure that the implementation meets and exceeds your expectations. The Project Manager will work with you to define your organization's preferred report titles, document indexes, cabinet tree structure, and other similar details. Following the kick-off meeting, Consultation is a two-phased process: Conversion Services and System Configuration.

ECM Integration Services


Back file conversions are a challenging initiative for many organizations, it is often the reason many organizations do not implement content management solutions and gain the productivity benefits these solutions offer. Organizations facing this task have three approaches to existing file to data conversions which are full, back file, partial back file and as-needed back file conversion. Your organization should review and determine which approach best meets the previously defined business and technical goals. The approach selected by your organization is extremely important if there are existing documents and files that need to be converted along with new and ongoing document receipt.

Get your organization into the 21st century. Eliminate disaster risks, become compliant and improve governance of your information assets.

Full back file and partial back file conversions typically require the selection of an outside "conversion" organization capable of processing large volumes of documents within a short time frame. Our back file conversion services consist of a simple, cost effective way to convert paper documents into an electronic format. WSN can perform these services at our conversion facilities or we can perform the conversion services at your location.

WSN scans and converts your paper documents into high quality images. Our staff knows how to use imaging technology to deliver high quality results. We visually verify scanned images to ensure our clients of readable images in the required file format. Our staff is trained in an ISO style methodology to produce high volume efficiency, security and quality. We utilize the latest scanning, conversion, bar-coding, verification and OCR technology. We are experts in the prepping and scanning of complex documents and files. Even if your folders contain sticky notes, odd paper sizes, mixed document types, or is chronologically or alphabetically arranged, we can guarantee production of your paper to electronic file conversion.

System Configuration

Our Professional Services staff holds many vendor certifications from our technology partners. We can augment your staff to configure your physical/virtual server, networks, scanning equipment, operating systems/platforms and applications. Our staff can also configure your WSN Insight software to create and configure your report templates and document indexes and templates, and when applicable, configure the Kofax integrated software and CoSign digital-signatures. Configuration tests will verify successful system processing and ensure delivery of all your requirements.

System Installation

The WSN Insight™ implementation is a non-invasive process that won’t interfere with the way your organization works. With the most advanced remote technology available, such as secure virtual network computing and Web conferencing, we can complete the majority of the setup from our Corporate office.

By walking your designated onsite System Administrator through each step and answering technical questions, we deliver a fluent and efficient system installation. Upon completion of the installation, we will provide you 90 days of Installation Support.

Microsoft Services Ready

One partnership in particular is the one we have with Microsoft that helps us bring the proven methodologies and best practices of Microsoft product deployment that goes on in the Global 100 to organizations of any size. Because we have trained with Microsoft Consulting Services and participated in co-engagements with them, we are highly qualified to help you get the most out of your investment in the Microsoft technology stack.